Understanding the Fiduciary Standard


Customarily, two types of standards exist in financial services: the suitability standard and the fiduciary standard. The suitability standard focuses on whether an investment product or strategy is “suitable” for the investor based on factors such as, financial objectives and risk comfort level.

Under the suitability standard, an advisor determines whether a recommended product or strategy is suitable for the client. The fiduciary standard requires a higher level of responsibility for the advisor. Going beyond the suitability standard, the fiduciary standard requires that any advice about products and strategies be provided in the best interests of the investor.  This entails that Justin takes into consideration whether the fees are reasonable, whether there are conflicts of interest, and whether the investments are sufficiently diversified.


We at Dean Financial believe this model of disclosure and transparency is in the best interest of our clients. In our eyes, you deserve to have your needs put first, and the strategies and investment products we recommend must align according to those needs.

The fiduciary standard dictates that there is no situation in which we can place our interests above yours. By adhering to the fiduciary standard, we believe we can provide you with the highest standard of care for all your investment and retirement needs.